Instant Reusable Hand Warmers Pocket Heater Heat Gel Pads Winter Novelty Hand

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  • SOOTHES AND CALMS PAIN: the Reusable Gel Hand Heaters Soothes and Relieves Pain Efficiently. Its Instant Heat is Gentle and Durable (About 45min.), Possesses Analgesic Properties Which Allow to Treat Sore Muscles, Contractures, Tensions, Torticollis, Lumbago and Menstrual Pain
  • ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMICAL: Reusable for More Than 650 Times. Boil the  Gel Hand Heaters in a Pan or Kettle for 5 to 10 Minutes, Let It Cool Down and It's Like New
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR USE: Are You Afraid to Go Out Because of the Breezy Weather? Farewell to That Problem Because Our Heat Warmer is Available in the Market! You Can Now Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Events Including Sports, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Skiing, Cycling and More! Winter is Coming!
  • PORTABLE FOR HAND & BODY: Our Hand Warmers Are Compact, Lightweight and Can Easily Be Packed Into Your Backpack, or Luggage. You Can Use It During Winter by Storing a Couple in Your House or Pop a Couple Into Your Coat Pockets. You Can Now Easily Travel Anywhere During Winter With the Help of These Hand Warmers!
  • DESIGNED FOR VERSATILITY: Thanks to the Compact, Portable Size, Our Heated Cushions Offer Go-anywhere Convenience! From Pain Relief During Your Morning Commute to Hand Warmers on a Ski Trip, the Soft Gel Pack Allows You to Target Any Part of the Body