Active by Below The Belt Sports Lubricant 100ml

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Stop chafing in its tracks so you can just enjoy the ride. Generously apply Below The Belt's anti chafe formulation to skin as and when required before or after activity to prevent and soothe chafing and irritation. Below The Belt Grooming is free from aluminum, parabens, and talc so you can have trust in our formulation that it will be kind to your skin. Contains natural essential oils. All of our products are dermatologically tested, vegan friendly and cruelty free. The ultimate chamois cream for cyclists for preventing saddle sore is one of the must have cycling accessories for men. Often referred to as liquid talc it can be used for everyday casual walking, jogging and running right up to the professional cyclist and marathon runner, making them excellent marathon runner and cycling gifts for men. The anti chafe gel formulae allows the body to glide without creating friction against clothing or damaging material.